Our History and Mission

zulya-graduationZulya Rajabova with Mrs. Hillary Clinton The treasures of the Silk Road are exotic and mysterious – but planning a tour there shouldn't be! At Silk Road Treasure Tours our promise to you is attention to detail and the offer of the best of everything. Our group tours or exclusive itineraries will satisfy even the most inquisitive traveler! Our expertise and resources are dedicated to meeting your unique needs.

I am a native of Uzbekistan and received my university degree in languages and education right before my country's independence in 1991. I taught in both Bukhara University and Medical Institute and wrote my English textbooks and dictionaries. I completed my certification as a escort tour guide and was quickly in demand as a facilitator and translator for visiting foreign businessmen and dignitaries.

I was able to translate my passion to a full-time job and I've since had fabulous experiences taking travelers all over Central Asia; tourists, academics, historians, business and special interest groups. I've been able to travel widely and meet wonderful people all over the world. It has always been my dream to share my enthusiasm for my country with others. Central Asia has become a favorite destination for those looking for something different, new and off the beaten path. This newly emerging nations are proud to offer travelers its history and hospitality.

I now reside in the United States and it would be my greatest pleasure to help you with the trip of a lifetime! Along with my first-rate team on the ground in Central Asia, Caucasus, China and other destinations of the Silk Road  we will provide you with superior service; itinerary planning, travel arrangements, and the best in accommodation and tour guides. We'll prepare you with expert, first-hand advice and information on the sights you'll see and the cultures and people you will encounter. We'll take care of the details so you can delight in the treasures of the Silk Road countries. Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Western China, Turkey...Explore the sites where civilization has flourished for millennia. Ride a camel, stay in a yurt, shop the bustling bazaars, meet the local people and enjoy their hospitality; we can customize your itinerary to fit your needs. We want you to get the most out of your tour and bring back memories you'll treasure forever! I am honored to be selected for Conde Nast Traveler Magazine's "Top Travel Specialist" for Central Asia for 2012 and 2013.

We'll prepare you for a unique and extraordinary journey. Before you go we will cover every aspect of your travel plans; choosing the itinerary, visa requirements, travel insurance and airfare options. Our experts will introduce you to the people cultures and traditions of the people you will encounter and share first-hand insights into this fascinating part of the world.

On your tour with us we will take care of every detail. You will have experienced, multi-lingual guides with first-hand knowledge of the region and privileged local access to ensure that your plans unfold smoothly and that your experience is truly memorable. We provide efficient transfers, the most comfortable of accommodations and helpful staff at every destination.

We are here to share our peaceful blue skies and warm hospitality with you. Come and experience the treasures of the Silk Road with us!

Zulya Rajabova