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Born and raised in Uzbekistan and traveled throughout the Central Asia region from the age of 2 with his parents and family, Abdulaziz has superb connections in all the 5 stans which are   Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. He passionately creates one-of-a-kind tour experiences for the multigenerational families, young people and luxury guests based on his firsthand knowledge of the region. His carefully chosen accommodations range from the region’s few true luxury hotels to hidden-gem boutique hotels and guesthouses serving home-cooked meals with produce from their garden.

Abdulaziz has been traveling widely in Central Asia region, graduated the school with the golden medal, was awarded the scholarship by the state leader of Uzbekistan for his great academic achievements and for promoting Uzbekistan cultures among foreign guests. He has been named as a Conde Nast Top travel specialist for Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan family and multigenerational trips for 2021. Abdulaziz has also founded his ASAR youth Travel channel where along with young Uzbekistan travelers he introduces Uzbekistan  and its fascinating cities  to the world. 


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Behruz was born and raised in Uzbekistan. As a son of prominent Uzbek historians and archaeologists he has traveled throughout Uzbekistan and Central Asia and developed a passion to become an anthropologist and a curator in the world’s top museums. After graduating from   Bukhara State University and Uzbek tourism with a double major in languages and escorting the travelers around Uzbekistan he started working with Silk Road Treasure Tours’ travelers, historians and academics in ancient Samarkand, Tashkent, Bukhara and Khiva, Konya Urgench, Turkistan and Khodjand.  He is one of our top escort guides, tour managers with a great sense of humor. He gives amazing lectures about the ancient Silk Road history and fascinating cultures for the alumni associations of Silk Road Treasure Tours.  Bekhruz currently resides in legendary Bukhara, Uzbekistan with his spouse and children. Bekhruz enjoys traveling, photography, and mentoring young guides. He speaks Uzbek, Russian, Tajik, German and English. Throughout the years Bekhruz has been taking the travelers to the most spectacular places, remote villages where the travelers can really experience true adventures. 



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As an experienced travel guide throughout Uzbekistan, Bekhruz Nazarov, learned everything about what family, youth and generally sophisticated travelers really want in this fascinating Silk Road destination. He has accompanied families, foreign artists, historians and delegations in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. He established great relationship with hotels, restaurants, museums and communities to create off-the-beaten-pass experiences for his guests.

Based on his guests’ specific interests, style and budget Bekhruz creates iconic itineraries which includes luxury and boutique hotels in Central Asia, visits to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Silk Road, charming villages, outdoor adventures, hiking, horse back riding, trekking and bird watching  in Tiyanshan Mountains, overnight stay in a nomadic yurt in Nurato or Ayaz Kala for the lifechanging experiences. 



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Faridun  is one of our best Tajikistan tour specialists who designs cultural discovery and adventure tour itineraries for Silk Road Treasure Tours guests. He was born in Tajikistan's capital city of Dushanbe and joined his family from young age to explore his beautiful country, hiking and photographing the natural wonders of Fann mountains. After graduating  from University he started escorting the travelers around Tajikistan, photographers. outdoor adventurers shoot iconic photos and stay in an exotic guest houses  and tents in the villages and mountains of Tajikistan. He knows the highest point of Fann mountains or Pamir  and when the photos can be taken and which locations of Tajikistan may have iconic views.  This knowledge gave him an opportunity to design imaginative itineraries throughout Tajikistan that focus on  art, architecture, archaeology, and history, and adventure at the charming mountain villages. 


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Mariam has a passion of creating amazing memories for the travelers who are looking for authentic experiences in Foody country of Georgia. Georgia has 8000 years of wine making. It is Mariam’s passion taking the travelers to the wineries, cook Georgian meals with them in the family owned guest houses, arrange unforgettable picnics on the top of the  Caucasus Mountains. In the Georgia and Caucasus tour itineraries she includes ancient sites and modern wonders of Caucasus, hiking and bird watching  near Sevan river, meeting with hospitable Georgian people, folklore shows and cooking classes.



mohigul isomovaMohigul is one of our enthusiastic and well traveled  social media experts  who was born and grew up in ancient Bukhara in the family of tour industry professionals. From young ages  she wanted to share her passion for her homeland and decided to learn English from young age. For several years Mohigul visited our US office where she learnt to create iconic itineraries, based on her local knowledge, gave the speaks about Central Asia Silk Road at the tourism shows, women travel clubs, ASTA and helped the travelers to have extraordinary travel experience in Uzbekistan and other Silk Road destinations.  Fluent in English and Uzbek, Tajik and Russian Mohigul graduated from Tourism College in Bukhara with the degree in tourism, tour operator and tour agent profession.  She holds travel industry top certificates and offers Silk Road Tours to Central asia as well as leisure travel to the US. Often Mohigul prepares for all our travelers welcome gifts.

She is a social media queen and posts regularly the updates about Silk Road Treasure Tours itineraries and events at google plus, facebook. She lives in Bukhara  with her spouse Abbos. Her hobby, walking, traveling,  cooking, photography


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Nazira  is one of our veteran top guides in Kazakhstan with 20 years of experience with Silk Road tours around Kazakhstan. She is an Expert guide  in art, history, religion and falconry topics in the country . She was born in Almaty, one of the most beautiful cities of Kazakhstan. She studied both in Kazakhstan and Russia and got the degree in languages and guiding. Since 2000s she  has been working with travelers and delegations from all walks of life from around the world in ancient cities of the Silk Road.  She is hand picked to work with many VIP travelers, official delegations, of the world. She speaks Kazakh,  Russian and English languages. Her hobby is reading, cooking and mentoring young people. If you are an educator and would like to visit the schools or universities and meet with professors and students then Nazira is your contact. She can help you to build the bridge  between you and locals.


sonya abrahamyanSonya  ia a highly talented and one of  our  most knowledgeable  Tour Guides in Armenia. She speaks English, Armenian, Russian and Russian. Sonya Abrahamyan was born and grew up in traditional Armenian family. She had a great passion to sharing the cultures, traditions of her homeland with others. After graduating from University with the degrees in languages and after taking the courses of license of tour guide she started working as tour guide  and manager for travelers coming from around the globe.  She loved photography, crafting, walking and traveling.  If you need  a good restaurant with authentic cuisine, a special bottle of wine or off the beaten path – Sonya is your person to arrange it all.